Glass of beer

I started drawing this then realised I actually wanted to drink the beer, so I didn’t get very far. Strange how I still can’t get these ellipses even. Also the beer at the top of the beer wasn’t symmetrical. That’s how I saw it. Perhaps there’s some refraction.

Glass of beer

Peach tracing

This time I tried tracing around the edge of the peach. It was such an odd shape I wasn’t sure if my last drawing was right. I didn’t keep my pencil at exactly the same angle, though, so I’m not sure if even this tracing is right.


Bridge revisited

This is another go at the footbridge near the horse riding place. It’s much better than the earlier attempt. This time I looked more carefully at the overall shape of the bridge. I imagined it was in a rectangle, and asked myself where each line would be in the rectangle, and what angle it would be. I also drew the foliage quicker. Feeling better about drawing now. I just had a lull in motivation for the last couple of weeks.