Tomato painting 2

This time I pre-mixed the colours and tried to just do one wash. Also, I used a smaller brush on the leaves and stalk. I don’t know if it’s much better than the previous one, the tomato on the left has the wrong tones. I didn’t want to go over it again like I did in the last painting. I just didn’t make the dark dark enough, or cover enough of the tomato.

I thought leaving the highlight white might give it more sense of depth but I don’t think it does. It’s a little too light.


Tomato painting

This was a disaster. It was the old problem with tone. I need to pre-mix the colours because it’s hard to get the tones right when mixing on paper, one colour over another. I think I got the difference in colour between the two tomatoes quite well (one was more yellow than the other), but I used a brush that was too big a sploshed all over the place on the stems.

I had to go over an over the paint to establish the tones, which I didn’t get right the first time.


Ovals experiments

I didn’t feel that I understtod the ovals in the battery drawing so I did a few more abstract studies to see what happens to ovals when they change angles. Eventually it struck me that they change width and the axis changes.