Ink bottle with wash

I mixed a wash with some old sepia ink I had and tried adding that to the ink bottle sketch. Changes in tone were just down to layers. I could have added more layers, I guess. I went over a few edges with a 4B pencil.

Ink bottle

Again, I need to improve my ellipses.

Broccoli painting (from memory)

I’d drawn this and done the colour swatches but when I went to paint it I found it had been chopped up and cooked! I had to guess the tones. I got the colour on the stalk wrong – the paint was too thick. It should have been a thin layer, and a lighter colour.

Then I did a wash for the head and it loooked okay just at that. I should have scanned that version for comparison. Then I went in and did some stippling to show the texture better. Again that first wash was perhaps a bit thick, and the colour too strong.



A sketch for a painting. It’s on poor quality paper (not even 80 gms print paper) so I’m not sure how the paint will take. I imagine the paper will start to disintegrate. I might have to pre-mix the paints.


Stand-up sketch: room mirror

I wanted to practise drawing in a small sketchbook (A5) whilst standing up.

Drawing of a mirror

It’s difficult to keep the horizontal lines straight because unlike the vertical ones, there’s no reference edge nearby and the fact that your standing and close to the picture means you don’t have the same control of your arm. Maybe the trick is to hold the picture at arm’s length every now and then.

Apple painting (2)

This time I tried to pre-mix the red, so the brush strokes could be simpler and the paint thinner. I think it works better. I wonder what it would look like on water colour paper. Another thing that works better here is that I tried to bring out the texture of the red more – the little flecks at the edges.

Maybe it just needed more contrast, though.