Two tangerines

This time I painted the background to give the fruit more context. I did the left-hand side one first and it’s the crudest – it’s the most overworked and I forgot to leave white space for the highlight. The one on the right is better but I haven’t got the colour of the shadows right. It’s just pure vermillion. Also, I don’t think it’s as well sculpted. I want to have another go to see if I can do better.

Two tangerines

Colour match challenge: tangerines

I think cadium yellow light and vermillion come close, with a touch of burnt umber for the shadows. A hint of sap green works for the touches of green on the skin. I’m not very happy with the dark to light transition – the burnt umber doesn’t look quite right.

Orange colour swatches

Test sketch: a peach

I tried the colour mixes straightaway. I think they worked okay. I added a little white to suggest the bloom on the skin. I lost the shape of the peach, though. I was in such a hurry to apply the pain that I went over the outline. The clear separation between the red and yellow parts of the peach were actually the same on the peach, but they look clumsy in the painting.

A peach