Pepper shaded

A struggle, this one. I tried to only use a dark tone, a mid tone and white. It didn’t work, though. There were only subtle changes in tone in the pepper. Perhaps I should have exaggerated them more. And then of course there are the bold lines left over from the original drawing. I should have rubbed those out abit so that the tone established itself better.


The scan really doesn’t do a good job of capturing the tones. Maybe this is a good thing. It will force me to be simpler and bolder.

Sketches from Segui

Segui just draws many lines over other lines and doesn’t worry about the foreground objects blocking out the background ones. It’s a very free style. The characters are like George Grosz characters.

Sketch of characters

View outside an upstairs window

A pretty boring view, with nothing with a cherry tree and a couple of telegraph wires. Be sure you amrk the edge of the tree clearly in this style. It’s off-putting not knowing what’s the tree and what’s the background. I started off drawing the foliage faintly but should have just launched in with bold lines.

Tree outside a window

Compasses shaded

I tried to use three tones: dark, mid-tone and the white of the paper. The tonal range isn’t enough, really. Also, there was not enough contrast between mid-tone and white. Going back to earlier experiments it look like 6B, 2B and white would be better. I was just using a 2B for the shading.


Another issue with line drawing is that the highlight are often on edges, which is exactly where you’ve drawn a line! I’ll have to rub out the line if I’m going to shade the drawing, or make the lines fainter (but then I won’t be able to scan the line drawing).

Bottle stopper shaded

I tried a bit of old school shading, like a wood engraving. I need to find quick ways to add shade that don’t need water-based media. These don’t work well with my cheap print paper. I’ll experiment with pencil shading styles.

Bottle stopper

Bottle stopper

Very difficult to draw these concentric circles accurately. You have to keep drawing the entire circle lightly rather than the visible arcs. Also it helps to turn the picture upside down or look at in a mirror to see the irregularities.

Bottle stopper